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The bag that started it all.

I (like most everyone) had the industry issued black boring bag for my digital slr camera. I really love and enjoy photography. The best part is how creative I can be in capturing the world around me. So why can’t my camera bag be just as inspirational as my pictures. My photos are unique.¬† Shouldn’t my camera bag be also? As a gift to myself last December, I bought a pale yellow bag from jill-e designs for my newly acquired slr camera. It has a cream fabric inside with perky polka dots. I get compliments on it all the time. Just looking at it made me smile. So I had to get the word out. I can’t be the only one looking to break away from the black-camera-bag crowd. Everyone should be proud of their camera bag. It can reflect their distinctive¬† personality. So the idea of helping others find a stylish bag to carry their camera and gear developed into a website that shows them the possibilities.